Family owned and operated for over 50 years!

We have a large crew of trucks and experienced workers to take care of all of your plowing needs, with a variety of plows and techniques to give you the best results with minimal snow/ice in your lots. 

We do complete Snow Removal during the winter months. You can be on a Year Round Contract or a Pay Per Push basis. We will remove snow from parking lots and sidewalks. We also provide a salt and sanding service to prevent ice and buildup. 

Singleton Landscaping Inc 


Did you Know:

In January of 2017 it snowed 20 of the 31 days that month. 


We plowed snow all but 7 days in the month of January. 

During the winter in Utah we can get excess amounts of snow. We have the equipment to move snow back further to free up parking stalls and space in your lot. We can also haul snow out of your parking areas when the winters get bad for a minimal charge.